Finally found one!

2016-12-29 10:03:03 by Dragoncrusader

i finally find a new music programm is going to be a while until i learn how to use it in the meantime check out my short-comic strip on devianart. is super-weird cool.


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2016-12-29 10:25:56

Music making stuff? Did you happen to stumble upon the almighty Mixcraft?

Dragoncrusader responds:

no is LMNL music maker

but mixcraft sounds interesting..


2017-01-11 11:09:27

I never heard of LMNL. Be careful, though. Some DAWs carry a copyright on anything made with them. That's why stuff made with Magix is not allowed here. It has its own terms of use, which conflict with those of Newgrounds.

Dragoncrusader responds:

thank you for telling me!


2017-01-14 13:11:25

No problem. I always want to help new musicians. PM me if you need any tips.